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About Us

Company Overview

Hikimaging, rooted in the medical technology industry, and is committed to the research and application of multi-dimensional sensing, intelligent technology, image technology, transmission storage, control technology, display and other related technologies in medical scenarios, providing products, solutions and related services for customers in the medical device industry, and strive to work with customers in the medical device industry to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of the two major scenarios of the operating room and the consultation room.

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Supply Chain


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Manufacturing System

Percision Manufacture

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Production Environment

10000 class clean room

Our advantage



Product Multiple Self-developed Image Algorithms, High Hardware and Software R&D Capability.

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Training Complete Training System for Installation, Operation, Technical and Clinical Training, Marketing Strategy, etc.

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Service High-quality Service in Registration, Data Preparing, EMC Test, Safety Test, etc. 

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Adequate Supply of Raw Materials, Capable of Supporting Large Production Capacity.

Our Mission

Hikimaging helps clients face the complex challenges of today’s healthcare business scenarios with safe, reliable, high-quality products and solutions. We empower medical systems with technology to make continuous contributions to medical surgery, diagnosis, care, service, and teaching. We will maintain our focus and technological innovation, and together with our peers, we will advance the industry to bring more possibilities by bringing health to patients and enjoying life!

See more, Cure more.

EMC Testing Center

Our 7,000㎡ testing laboratory is the company’s primary facility for verifying product quality. It includes several labs, such as the EMC lab, safety lab, environmental lab, electrical performance lab, image lab, and light source lab. These labs enable comprehensive assessments of product quality under various harsh conditions.

In June 2015, the test center was officially accredited by the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) for conformity assessment. This made it the first testing laboratory in the domestic security industry.

In addition, the center has obtained the WMT laboratory qualification for mandatory product certification from CQC. It has also received visual inspection laboratory qualifications from international authoritative testing organizations such as SGS, TUV, and UL.

Manufacturing Capability

Our manufacturing system is agile and flexible, with an efficient information system, collaborative automated equipment, intelligent storage, and scheduling systems. It can meet the needs of small-batch, multi-batch, and large-scale product manufacturing. 

Our production area covers 5,000㎡, with an annual output of 300,000 units of flexible endoscope final products. The fully automated production line also ensures high yield for the module line (flexible endoscope core components).

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