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Imaging principle (Part 1)

There are many image adjustment parameters in an endoscope system. Do you know what these parameters mean and how adjusting these parameters will affect the image? Let’s learn more.

1. Main parameters of the image: pixels and resolution

Highest pixls

The highest pixel value is the real pixel of the photosensitive device, and this data usually includes the non-imaging part of the photosensitive device. In Pixels.

Effective pixels

Effective pixels are the number of pixels in the real image, in units of Pixels.


Resolution refers to the image quality record index used in the process of acquisition, transmission and display, as well as the inherent screen structure of the display device itself to express the fineness of the image. Available “Vertical pixels x Horizontal pixels” to quantify.

4K & 1080P

The meaning of “P”

“P” represents the total number of rows of video pixels. 1080P stands for 1080 lines of pixels. 1080P is usually 1920x1080Pixel.

The meaning of “K”

“K” represents the total number of columns of video pixels. 4K stands for 4000 columns of pixels.

4K is usually 4096x2160Pixel or 3840x2160Pixel.


2. Clarity


  • Clarity refers to the ability of the imaging device to express the clarity of the imaging picture and display some detailed information;
  • Clarity reflects the clarity of the image seen by the human eye macroscopically, and is the subjective feeling of people on the final image caused by the comprehensive result of the objective performance of the system and equipment;
  • Clarity indicators generally use SFR (Spatial Frequency Response), MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) and TVLine
  • It can be measured by the thickness of black and white lines, and there are standard test methods and test charts. The measurement data has a clear unit, that is, TV line


3. Sharpness


  • Sharpness is an parameter that reflects the sharpness of the image plane and the sharpness of the image edge. The adjustment of sharpness is to adjust the sharpness of the edge of the image.
  • When the sharpness is increased, the details on the image plane are higher and it looks clearer.
  • However, too high sharpness will distort the image, the edges of the object will be jagged, and it will also increase noise.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that the scene with sufficient brightness can be properly improved to enhance the details, and the scene with insufficient brightness is recommended to reduce and improve the noise.

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