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Our Technical Principles

MIK5 platform algorithm 2.0 is online, let’s take a look at the wonderful performance in fluorescence.
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We divide the image processing algorithms of the platform into three major categories: Basic image adjustment, Advanced image algorithms and Intelligent image processing.  Let’s delve deeper into how these three algorithms work together to form our powerful image-processing framework and deliver superior in-mirror results for users!

Imaging Principles

Want to know why we see all the beautiful sights in the world? Want to know how cameras and eyes work? We will focus on the imaging principle of the human eyes and cameras and explore the key parameters that define an image. Come learn about the principles of imaging and explore how light creates magical images before our eyes!

Near-infrared Fluorescence Imaging

Near-infrared fluorescence imaging is a technology that uses near-infrared light to excite samples and emit fluorescence signals to achieve imaging. Through this technology, we can observe fine structures and biomolecule information that cannot be seen by the human eye, which is of great significance to fields such as medical diagnosis and biomedical research. Next, let’s take a closer look at the principles and applications of near-infrared fluorescence imaging!

Our Advantages

Our Medical Endoscope Cameras

Committed to becoming a leading OEM/ODM partner among endoscope manufacturers, Hikimaging proudly showcases ICG fluorescent camera system solutions with the latest algorithms.
We operate in multiple regions around the world.

Product R&D

Hikimaging stays ahead in product development and offers diverse medical imaging solutions to meet different clinical needs. We employ precise manufacturing techniques to ensure that each ICG fluorescent product adheres to the industry's standards, providing medical professionals with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

OEM/ODM Services

As a professional OEM/ODM service provider of endoscope systems, Hikimaging offers customized solutions tailored to partners' specific requirements. Whether it's branding or functional needs, Hikimaging ensures flexibility and responsiveness in services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Cutting-edge Technology

Hikimaging possesses a series of self-developed algorithms that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of image processing. With robust hardware and software R&D capabilities, we consistently introduce innovative technologies, ensuring our products remain competitive in the market.

Production Environment

In a 10,000-class clean room production environment, Hikimaging ensures that each device is assembled and tested under near dust-free conditions, thus guaranteeing the high reliability and consistency of products.

Reliable Quality

Adhering to the ISO13485 quality standard, Hikimaging is committed to offering top-quality, high-performance medical technology devices. We ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products and have earned the trust and reputation of the industry

Supply Chain

Hikimaging has implemented advanced MES and SAP systems and established an efficient and transparent supply chain. We have an adequate supply of raw materials and are capable of supporting large production capacity. We continue to provide rapid business responses and stable service support to our global customers.

Download Center

To learn more, view or download our detailed technical reports.

For the OEM cooperation method, we will set up a special marketing technical team in the early stage to analyze your needs in detail; after confirming the needs, we will match you with a plan that is more suitable for your development; after the two parties evaluate the feasibility of the project, we will Carry out sample trial production and delivery; after the prototype is verified, we will enter the mass production stage to enrich your product line.

Pre-sale: necessary product demonstration, function introduction, solution negotiation and implementation On sale: follow up the test results of the prototype in a timely manner, and provide all necessary technical services in a timely manner. After-sales: provide the materials required for the registration certificate, system upgrades, regular technical exchanges, new product releases, and timely problem responses.

We can match suitable solutions for different forms of product needs. We focus on technological innovation and product research and development, and have helped a large number of Chinese endoscope sales companies achieve stable performance improvements. Hope to cooperate with more customers in the future.

It is recommended to leave a message through the official email, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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