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EC59 High-end 3D fluorescence camera
  • The new II generation 3D fluorescence technology improves depth perception by 70%
  • Integrated binocular camera, ultra-light design, dual-channel lens for real shooting
  • Chip-on-Tip technology, front-end dual lens dual CMOS direct shooting, true 3D
  • Pixel-level binocular registration, no dizziness
  • Parallax adjustment is linked to the scene, making 3D depth more realistic
  • Screen display 2D-3D one-click switching
  • 3 button functions fully customizable
  • IPX8 waterproof level, thermal conductivity and anti-fog design, capable of low-temperature plasma and ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Low temperature plasma sterilization 500 times+
  • Safety regulations comply with GB9706.1-2020 and GB9706.218-2021 standards, electromagnetic compatibility complies with YY 9706.102-2021, GB9706.218-202 standards and IEC60601-1-2:2014 standards

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