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OEM Solutions

MIK-P59 Series

P59X- 3D fluorescence (1080P) camera system
  • II generation FHD 3D fluorescence host solution, integrated camera handle, intelligent image processing
  • Supports 2D, 3D, white light, fusion (fluorescence) modes, fusion color supports customization
  • Supports optional camera handles of various lengths such as 330mm, 600mm, etc., and the handle does not require focus adjustment
  • One-click 2D switching during surgery, true 3D format output and recording, and 3D images can be restored after surgery
  • 8-core heterogeneous acceleration platform
  • HDMI2.0, 3G*SDI 1080 picture output interface, supports multi-screen display
  • Support video input, multiple modes of dual-mirror display, dual-mirror images can be recorded
  • A variety of self-developed ISP advanced image processing functions, optional intelligent image processing
  • 10 scenes can be customized and support voice control
  • Built-in 2T SSD solid state drive, external storage supports USB3.0 protocol

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